Gagen MacDonald

Gagen MacDonald is a people-focused consulting firm that transforms companies by changing the employee experience through culture, communication, leadership and design.

They came to us to update their brand and translate the look and feel into a new website and new marketing collateral. We delivered a bright, engaging, modern site that celebrates people and the organizational cultures they help bring to life.


Gagen MacDonald


Business Services


Branding / Strategy / Design / Content / UX / Print Collateral

Gagen MacDonald partners with its clients to help them navigate the human struggle of change. We developed a brand look and feel that emphasizes and celebrates that commitment through bold colors, striking imagery and dynamic energy.


Celebrating people.

Everything Gagen MacDonald does is grounded in people. So, we wanted to make people the heroes of the brand. By incorporating both lifestyle shots and bold portraiture, we underscored the core truth that everything a business does is fueled by people.


Inspiring great companies to be even greater.

Our goal with the website was to provide an inspiring and engaging portal into the world of Gagen. Bold colors and energetic shapes and patterns set the stage for empowering messaging. The result is a reaffirmation that the work we do every day should be fun, fulfilling, and above all, human.

Brand narrative

Up for the challenge.

To tie everything together, we needed a brand tone of voice with as much boldness and optimism as the designs. We developed a clear, assertive narrative grounded in humanity to reinforce the concept that at the end of the day, a business is only as strong as its people.