Reunion Rehabilitation Hospitals offer inpatient physical rehabilitation to accelerate patients' functional recovery and restore their confidence. The organization strives to create a modern and comfortable environment where patients can focus on their recovery.

Legion Collective helped Reunion build their brand from the ground up, creating a look and feel that celebrates empowering patients to heal and reunite with what they love.


Reunion Rehabilitation Hospital


Medical Services


Brand Architecture / Visual Identity / Web Design / Content / Print Collateral / Social Media / Video

Reunion provides specialized inpatient services to patients after debilitating injuries. We wanted the brand to convey warmth and comfort along with a feeling of empowerment — the ability for patients to get back to the things they love in life.


Consistent touchpoints

With so many touchpoints throughout the day — from brochures to business cards to little giveaways like chapstick or hand sanitizer — we needed to establish a consistent look and feel for collateral at every Reunion location.


Friendly and empowering.

Patients come to Reunion for help, but they also come for hope — regaining the abilities they may have lost due to injury. We developed a website that highlights the cutting-edge nature of the treatments, while also reinforcing the human aspect of our dedicated and inspiring team.